Dear friends and family,

I hope this new year finds you healthy and happy.  2012 for me will surely be special as I make the transition to a new life.

This may come as a shock to some and probably not to others.  I’ve decided to stay in Buenos Aires.

Yes, yes…. I will be making arrangements for finances, properties, finalizing the divorce, the kids’ school and my blind cat through an intermediary with an office here near Plaza San Martin with its enormous banyan tree shading estudiantes y hombres de negocios napping on the grass or eating their lunches.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires1

I will write of course and try to keep in touch, sipping Malbec and eating tapas in a chic cafe near Plaza Cortázar in Palermo Soho with Buddha lounge music in the background… assuming they have internet.

Buenos Aires2

Buenos Aires3

…or watching cheap street tango in dirty La Boca near the harbor. The community is home of the one of the most important soccer teams in Argentina and win or lose, they must become my team… the Coke signs are black and white, not red and white like every other in the world from a company selling simple sugar water and their time honored brand…  the reason?  Red and white is the color of the rival team in the other town.  Graffiti is an important art here in a culture that revels in their own voice and this year there was a world summit and artist came from Brazil, Paris, Africa to commune and spray their art on the dirty stone walls and rusted metal.

Buenos Aires4

Buenos Aires5

Buenos Aires6

The people here are proud of their independence which includes the mistakes that they themselves have made in the past and which they themselves are eager to fix and to right.  Only 10 years ago there was a complete meltdown and a run on the banks.  Businessmen and peasants revolted together against the government. Tens died. You would never know it now sipping an expresso and dipping a piece of chocolate in the small porcelain cup next to the woman doing the same, her Louis Vuitton carelessly dropped at her side a few yards away from the Plaza de Mayo where it all took place.

Buenos Aires7

Buenos Aires8

i have to go now.  I’ll write soon.  My friends at the corner cafe in San Telmo are waiting to drink a few beers, smoke a few cigars, and talk much much more than either of the other two.

Buenos Aires9

Buenos Aires10

Its New Year’s eve tomorrow in this hemisphere too.  The streets are lined with small scraps of paper from the last day of work from the office building above.  From CEO to secretary they throw out their paper calendar pages, their work sheets, their post it notes into the wind.  Its not unusual to find a strip of business contract from blocks away to land on your stomach as you sunbathe near the same swimming pool that de Gaul used decades before.

Buenos Aires11

Buenos Aires12

It is true that I’ll miss many and hope you too will visit.  After I write I’ll spend some time on Virgin Airlines website looking for tickets from Dallas to Buenos Aires while ordering another cold and all too sweet cocktail and yet another piece of cured meat from who knows what part of the animal and contemplating all the marvelous software they need just right now…

With all the love in the world, from Buenos Aires, my new home,