Kind of a pasty white with a tint of blue…  that’s the color of my skin when compared to the locals here in Sitges. I tried to lay out by the pool and an ambulància pulled up along side and tried to pull me in to the back. (Me, not my brother in the photo above. I know that you don’t see it now but yes, he used to model underwear here in Barcelona in the 80’s and at one point was a favorite in the George Hamilton tanning competition made famous by Zonker Harris.)

Still, undaunted, we decided to go down the beach in our tight speedos.  (…enhanced support, of course, after all, we are American…. I’m kiddiiiing…)


Sitges is about a half hour train ride from Barcelona.  Its a small town on the water that is known for its counterculture movements in the 60’s.  It is your typical white walled small streets Mediterranean town.  People come from all over to vacation and to do something counter to what might culturally acceptable in say the Los Angeles suburbs of Burbank or in Highlands Park, Dallas. The famous Facundo Barcadi lived here in the 1800’s before he moved to Cuba and brought to the world poolside rum and cokes, cotton mouths, and pounding headaches.



The water is crystal blue and about 74 degrees.  Tomorrow begins our ride.  We will wake up and do a warm up during the later half of the day.  That is if I can get my bike put back together.  Its a simple assent with a measly 20% grade in some areas.  Martin says its easy and don’t worry about it.  Thank God I bought a new Italian cycling outfit by Capo. That should increase performance.  Today is a big day of more beach.

At the beach my brother, Mike, and I are lying on our sides looking at the ocean on our towels, book in hand, and painstakingly keeping our eyes off the two topless size 4 Catalans playing paddle ball in the shallow surf.

As the sun goes down we decide to go back for a few cocktails before our high carb dinner and early night to bed.

Sitges4bo adéu